We often hear about people opting to buy handmade jewelry and we sometimes question ourselves about its reliability in terms of quality and aesthetics. In this topic, we will discuss with optimism as to why there is such a high demand for these products and why people love them.


Each handmade jewelry is truly unique. As each piece is made by hand, there will be slight differences, each with their distinct feature.Thus, no two pieces are exactly identical.


We are aware of the experience of people having skin reactions, jewelry discolouration and other negative effects due to poor quality. Rest assured that our handmade jewelry are that of high-quality. Artisans are passionate and proud of their craftsmanship, unlike a huge manufacturing factory, Artisans will not compromise on quality and tarnish their pride and passion.

Better Deals

You will often get better deals shopping for handmade jewelry. Big brands have huge markups while small business tend to have lower markups.

The Artisan's Craft

There's a story for every design. From the first inspiration, to the sketches and mockup design, the process is a very intimate one. As we appreciate the beauty of the crafted piece, we can sense the soul and passion the Artisan has applied into crafting the piece.

The Thoughtful Gift

Handmade jewelry is the perfect gift for any occasion. From my experience, I feel so appreciated when someone gifted me something unique, something that you don't find down the street.

Choose Green

Most handmade jewelry is usually more environmentally friendly than mass production factories. Large factories usually use machines and chemicals, thus creating huge amounts of waste.

Support Small Businesses

There's a huge value in supporting small business. There's a sense of worth when buying jewelry, knowing that you had helped talented artisans and appreciated their craft.


Handmade jewelry's design and craftsmanship are timeless and never go out of style. Since each piece is unique and never identical, you are highly unlikely to bump into someone wearing the same jewelry as you are.

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